Gurgaon Office Discovered A Large Snake, Shouted For Help

Gurgaon Office Discovered A Large Snake

GURUGRAM, HARYANA: Panic gripped the Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s (SDM) office in Gurgaon after a two-and-a-half feet long ‘Common Krait’ snake made its way into the premises.

The appearance of the venomous snake had officials and visitors running helter skelter, creating chaos in the office.

SDM Bharat Bhushan Gogia said he was alerted to the presence of the snake after hearing cries of help from his staff.

“I was in office when I heard screams and noise outside and people came running into my office. They thought the snake was behind them. After some time, the reptile slithered into my chamber,” he said.

“I asked my staff to clam down and not hurt the reptile,” he said.

The wildlife officials were later called who took the snake away, the SDM added.

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