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Watch Terrifying Moment Man Disappears Into Sinkhole As Footpath Caves

Man Disappears Into Sinkhole Shocking surveillance footage captures the exact moment a man plunges into a sinkhole that opens beneath his feet on a paved footpath on Thursday in southeastern China. Footage from two separate CCTV cameras shows the moment an unsuspecting pedestrian disappears into the sinkhole in Jiangxi Province’s Nanchang. Video posted online shows […]

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Caught On Camera : Huge Waterspout Forms Off Italian Coast

Huge Waterspout Forms Off Italian Coast A waterspout that turned into a tornado on land lashed the coastal city of Sanremo in northwestern Italy on Friday causing damage to property. Several people who witnessed the rare phenomenon first-hand shared videos on social media. The whirling waterspout was filmed wreaking havoc at the harbour in Sanremo. […]

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Caught On Camera : Moment cement mixer driver cheats death by second

cement mixer driver cheats death by second In a shocking moment caught on camera, a cement truck plunged into a massive pit at a construction site with the driver still inside. But he miraculously made it out alive despite the terrifying fall. Video shows the driver reversing the truck but in a tragic turn of […]

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High-Tech Thieves Steal Mercedes Benz Car without using its keys in Just 60 Seconds

Thieves steal Mercedes in 60 Seconds Grainy surveillance footage released to the public by Britain’s West Midlands Police shows the extraordinary theft of a Mercedes. A shocking hack allowed two men to fool the Mercedes into thinking they had keys to the car when, in fact, they didn’t. The incident is thought to be the […]

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Robbers Loot 32kg gold in Gurugram Mannapuram Gold Loan Caught on CCTV

Robbers Loot 32kg gold in Gurugram Robbers struck again at Manappuram Finance, this time in Gurugram, and looted some 32kg gold, worth about Rs 9 crore, at gunpoint from the vaults of the gold loan company on Thursday. This was the sixth time in less than six months that robbers have looted gold from the […]

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Caught On Camera: BJP Minister With Gun In Hand Hunts Leopard

BJP Minister With Gun In Hand Hunts Leopard Maharashtra Education Minister Girish Mahajan was caught on cam holding a revolver in hand and taking part in a search operation for a leopard at Chalisgaon of Jalgaon district. This incident happened in North Maharashtra on Monday. Forest and Police Personnel were given the permission to shoot […]

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Weird Creatures Visakhapatnam

Watch : Video of 3 Weird Creatures from Visakhapatnam Goes Viral,Here is what Happened..

Weird Creatures Visakhapatnam In a shocking capture from Visakhapatnam,a group of 3 Weird Creatures has been caught on cam by workers at a construction site. While in the video only 2 Creatures were visible,another creature can also be noticed standing on the back of two.Interestingly the Creatures has been standing still cooperating for the video.While […]

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Hotel Owner Attack Customer

Watch : Angry Hotel Owner Attacks Customer with Boiling Oil…

Hotel Owner Attack Customer In a shocking video from Maharashtra A Hotel Owner has been caught on cam,Pouring Hot Oil on His Customer,for complaining About his quality of Food Items from his hotel.. Reportedly the Customer has made a complaint against the Hotel Management for Inferior Quality of Food Items Served over there,this has angered […]

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