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Khusbhu Original Name Troll

Social Media Attempted to Troll Senior Actress Khusbhu by Her Original Name,Here is how She Handled it..

Khusbhu Original Name Troll Popular Actress/Politician Khusbhu gave a befitting reply to the trolls,for mocking her with Original Name of Muslim Identity. The Issue was all started when Khusbhu Supported an online troll on Narendra Modi,an Active Social Media Portal IBTL has mocked Khusbhu for trolling PM Narendra Modi,Saying “Yesteryear actress & Congress’ national spokesperson […]

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Anasuya Aunty Comments

Watch : Fan Calls Anchor Anasuya Aunty in Live,and Here is How She has Reacted…

Anasuya Aunty Comments In a Shocking response Popular Anchor Anasuya has literally slammed a fan for calling herself as “Aunty” in a Facebook Live Session on Friday. Anasuya has held a casual chit-chat with her fans on Facebook,during which the conversation has happened.A Fan has wished Anasuya in Live Saying “Hi Anu Aunty”,which made Anasuya […]

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