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Narendra Modi Mushroom Comments

“PM Modi Eats Mushrooms Worth Rs 4 Lakhs Per Day” ? Gujarat Congress Leader Makes Shocking Comments on PM Narendra Modi..

Narendra Modi Mushroom Comments In a funny yet shocking comment from Gujarat,A Congress Leader has alleged PM Narendra Modi of eating Mushrooms worth Rs 4 Lakhs Per Day for looking fairer. The Comments were made by Gujarat Congress OBC leader, Alpesh Thakor Speaking at a rally in Gujarat, Thakor said, “Someone told me that what […]

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Mahesh Kathi Comments Narendra Modi

Mahesh Kathi in Trouble for his Controversial Comments on PM Narendra Modi?

Mahesh Kathi Comments Narendra Modi Controversial Film Reviewer Landed himself into trouble,for his alleged comments against PM Narendra Modi ,describing himself as a Murderer. మోడీ లాంటి నరహంతకుడితో చెట్టాపట్టాలేసుకుని ఎన్నికల ప్రచారం చేసిన నిన్ను, మతోన్మాద శక్తులతో చెయ్యి కలపకు అన్న శేఖర్ కమ్ముల చెడ్డోడు అయ్యాడా! ప్రధానమంత్రి అయినంత మాత్రమేనా మోడీ గుజరాత్ లో చేసింది రైట్ అయిపోతోందా? నీ ఉన్మాదం ఏ స్థాయిలో ఉందో […]

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Poland Kid Hello Song

Watch : Poland Kid Impresses Akkineni Nagajuna,by Singing Akhil’s Latest Song…

Poland Kid Hello Song Appreciations Poured from Nagarjuna to Poland Kid Singer “zbigniew”,for singing Akhil’s Latest Song “Merise” from Hello ,beautifully. “zbigniew” aka Bujji is known for his admiration towards Nagarjuna,has sung several of his classics in Social Media.Wishing Team Hello All the Best,Bujji has sung the latest “Merise” song from Hello.Here is what he […]

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Nitro Dog Push Up

Watch : This Video of a Police Dog Performing Push Ups with Officers,Will Give You Major Fitness Goals..

Nitro Dog Push Up In an interesting and adorable video from the internet,An Alabama Police Dog has been found doing Push Ups along with his Officials. The Video uploaded on FB by Gulf Shores Police Department,has shown the Alabama Police Dog Performing Push ups.The Video is captioned as “It’s 9:00 PM #GulfShores! Go ahead and […]

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Simbu Michael Rayappan Controversy

Dubbing in Bathroom,Made Director Cry,Simbu Made me Bankrupted:Popular Producer Makes Shocking Comments on Actor Simbu..

Simbu Michael Rayappan Controversy Popular Tamil Producer Michael Rayappan has made shocking allegations on Tamil Actor Simbu,saying that Simbu had made him bankrupted with his behavior. Rayappan a former politician,and known for producing films like “Nadodigal” has raised his voice against Simbu in a Press Meet saying that he has made him suffer a lot.Here […]

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Pawan Kalyan will not succeed in Politics : JC Diwakar Reddy

JC Comments on Pawan Kalyan JC Diwakar Reddy never fails to surprise with his comments every time he appears before media persons. Recently, He claimed to be unfit to continue as MP for failing to develop Anantapur. He had once commented that MPs are treated like curry leaves in Delhi. This senior politician made it […]

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Saahore Bahubali Song NBA

Watch : Amercian Premiere Basket Ball League NBA Goes Desi,with Saahore Bahubali Dance..

Saahore Bahubali Song NBA Seems like the craze of Magnum Opus Bahubali isn’t dying yet,even after the release after 6 Months.In an interesting Video from the Internet,America’s Premiere Basket Ball League NBA has gone desi,with the performance for Saahore Bahubali at Orlando. A Video Uploaded by NBA India has shown Young Girls dressed in Yellow,dancing […]

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Nara Brahmani GES Comments

Watch : Here is How Nara Brahmani Gave a Smart Answer on GES Summit Being Held in Hyderabad for a Reporter’s Question..

Nara Brahmani GES Comments AP Minister Nara Lokesh’s Wife Nara Brahmani,has smartly answered a tricky question by a Reporter on GES Summit presently being held in Hyderabad. There was a huge buzz that AP Govt has tried to bring Ivanka Trump to AP for the prestigious summit,however that doesn’t happen.Seems like indirectly commenting on the […]

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Actress Ankitha Baby Boy

Remember Rasna Baby Ankitha? She is Blessed with a Baby Boy and has Shared the Video of Her Son..

Actress Ankitha Baby Boy Popularly Known as Rasna Baby,Actress Ankitha Known for her films in Tollywood Films like Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo and Simhadri has been blessed with a Baby Boy. Ankitha was married to Vishal Jagtap in 2016,and the Couple has been blessed with a Baby Boy recently.Sharing her Happiness with Fans,Ankitha has shared […]

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