My Mother Was Never Poor: Daughter of Legendary Actress Savitri Reveals Facts about Savitri’s Last Days.

Actress Savitri Daughter

Actress Savitri Daughter

There was a widely circulated news in Tollywood on the last days of Legendary Savitri,saying that she was literally on the roads losing all the money during her last days,due to which she died of depression.However Vijaya Chamundeshwari the Daughter of the Legendary Actress has clarified all the news as just false.

Vijaya Chamundeshwari speaking about her Mother’s last days has said that It was at her 14 years age her parents Savitri-Gemini Ganeshan had got differences.However she has added that Both her father and mother used to be in touch with her.

Chamundeshwari has also said that her mother Savitri wasn’t clever to deal with the situation.”Her Innocence has affected her very badly,Also, she never had any proper guidance, that’s why she became an alcoholic. Once she slipped into coma, that lasted 19 months.We were certain she will come back, but it was a long wait and it ended only with her death. It was so terrible to watch her on the hospital bed.” Said Chamundeshwari

Trashing the rumors that her mother lead a bad financial position at her last days she has said that “She has gone through some financial crunches during some times,however she had really worked hard with her films and earned a lot of money for blessing us with happy lives.Believe us we has some really good financial stability for atleast 2 Generations” said Chamundeshwari..

Commenting on “Mahanati” the Biopic made on Savitri ,Chamundeswhari has said that” I was cautious, and gave Director Nag Ashwin the permission only on two conditions — first, I wanted to see the script before it goes on floors; second, to highlight her rose to stardom.”

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