Welcome to My Marriage : Actress Namitha Shares Wedding Invitee for Fans..

Namitha Marriage Invitation

Namitha Marriage Invitation

It was well known that Popular Actress Namitha is getting readied to marry Veerendra Chowdary on 24th of this month,on this occasion Namitha has shared a Wedding Invitee with fans,inviting for her marriage in Tirupathi.

In a 3 Paged Invitee Namitha has stated that her Marriage Sangeet will be taking place on 22nd of this month at Sindhuri Park Hotel, Tirupathi,followed by Marriage on 24th of Nov at ISKCON Tirupathi @5:30 PM.

Last Week Namitha in a video shared by her best friend has announced that she will be getting married to Veer(Veerendra Chowdary) on 24th of this month.

Sharing her relation with Veer Namitha has said that she met him on a Tamil Movie Shoot.”I met Veer on the sets of my film and liked him. I liked his behavior and respect towards people in general. Slowly as we got acquainted he started growing more and more close to me.

One day, he took me to a candle light dinner and proposed to me. He surprised me completely and before that we have known each other for an year. As I knew him well enough, I agreed for his proposal. Then I started to know him even better and I am happy to be his life partner and make him mine.” Said Namitha.

Namitha Made her entry through Tollywood Film Sontham,however hasn’t been successful in Tollywood.

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