Actor Rajasekhar Makes an Important Clarification about Affair with Actress Tara Chowdary and other Alleged Affairs..

Rajasekhar Tara Chowdhary Controversy

Rajasekhar Tara Chowdhary Controversy

Popular Actor Rajasekhar Who is on Cloud9 for his Latest Blockbuster PSV Garuda Vega,has made an important clarification on almost 5 Years Back Alleged Affair with Tara Chowdary.

Rajasekhar when questioned about the controversy about Tara Chowdary in an interview has said that ” I am not Lord Rama. I did have stints with a couple of women before my marriage. But I never had any kind of relation with Tara Chowdary. I felt really bad and was furious when she claimed I had a relationship with her. I did meet her twice on different accounts, but I never had any relation with her.

I was waiting for the right time to speak about this and the time has come. She damaged my reputation, and I thank god for giving me a family which understood to me and believed in me.”

Notably Actress Tara Chowdary arrested in Sex Scandal on 2017 has alleged that she has links with Several Celebrities and Politicians in the then United AP.It was heavily rumored on those days that Rajasekhar’s Name was also in the list.

Watch the Video Below from 1:25-1:27 for Rajasekhar’s Comments..

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