This Video of a Mother Dog Rescuing it’s Puppy from a Hole Filled with Water,Will Make Your Eyes Wet..

Mother Dog Rescuing Puppy

Mother Dog Rescuing Puppy

In a Heart Touching Video from the Internet,a Mother Dog has been found trying desperately to rescue it’s puppy got stucked in a hole full of water.

The Puppy has been supposedly fallen in a pit full of water,without realising.In a video clip from Viral Hog a Man has been found shovelling water from the ditch in a bucket, whilst the puppy’s mum digs in an attempt to widen the hole.

The Mother Dog eventually dives into the gap herself, and fully disappears beneath the water.At the end of the clip the dog is seen pulling a lifeless puppy onto the mud.Fortunately the Puppy was made alive by performing CPR by the Mon who shovelled water.Watch the Heart Touching Video Below.

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