Watch : Mega Daughter in Law Upasana reveals the Secret of Coffee Made in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s House..

Konidela Filter Coffee

Konidela Filter Coffee

Ram Charan’s wife has made an interesting reveal in her YouTube Channel on how the Secret Filter Coffee is made in Chiranjeevi’s House.

Upasana along with the House Chef Sreenu has revealed the coffee making in a Video released this evening.Here is what she has said “Konidela house coffee comes from a secret plantation in South India – chosen personally by Mamaya (Dr Chiranjeevi ) and perfected by Sreenu based on Athama’s instructions. ”

Here are some of the Glimpses of Coffee Making
-NO coffee post 4 pm as it impacts your sleep patterns.
-A shot of black coffee pre workout boosts your energy
-Health craze – #coffee + #kombucha
-2 cups a day – max, not more👍🏻
-add as less sugar as possible
-sprinkle the left over coffee powder/ grains in your garden – you have a natural insecticide. 😁

The Chef has revealed that Both Chiru and His wife Surekha Prefers Strong Coffee,while Upasana Prefers Double Strong Coffee.Watch the Video Below..

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