Just In : Nearly after an Year of Introduction,Rs 2000 Currency Note to Get Cancelled?

Rs 2000 Note

Rs 2000 Note

Rs 2000 Currency note introduced after sensational Demonetization Decision last year,is supposed to face it’s end very soon..

An RTI Plea filed by IndiaToday with Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (a wholly owned company of the government of India engaged in the minting of coins and printing of currency/bank notes.) has said that “To print Rs 2,000 currency notes no demand has been made by the RBI to the SPMCIL.”

It further said that “presently under the printing presses of SPMCIL only Rs 500 (new) and other notes of lower denominations (but not Rs 5 and Rs 2) are [being] printed.The nodal body of the government, which is responsible for printing currency notes, is not printing Rs 2,000 notes. The RBI, which “regulates the issue of bank notes”, has asked it to do so.

While the response from the Security Press is not clear,that the printing of Rs 2000 Currency is temporary or permanent,if the notes were stopped printing and lower denomination currency was circulated widely there is a probability that Rs 2000 Currency Notes May be Phased Out..

However the Govt is not clarifying on Cancelling the Rs 2000 Notes When Questioned in August Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has denied any such development of Phasing Out Rs 2000 Notes.

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