Just In : Popular Kannada Actor Upendra Announces Political Party,Here are the Details

Upendra Political Party

Upendra Political Party

Popular Kannada Actor Upendra Kumar aka Upendra has announced his political entry this morning. In spite of specualtion on the popular actor joining BJP,the actor has announced his own political outfit this morning.

Upendra has commented on the present day politics is being influenced by Money,Caste and Muscle Power which needs to be wiped out.He has also added that the elected representatives should be honest for utilizing the tax payers hard earned money for peoples welfare.Quoting Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat,Uppi has also added that Change should start from Grass Root level,he has said that there is need to have Swachh government for clean governance.

Upendra has also added that we don’t need ‘Raajakeeya’ we need ‘Prajaakeeya’ where people are ultimate.While he has expressed his idea of contesting in elections,he however has said that the political party and symbol would be announced by taking the suggestion of citizens.

“In a state like Karnataka, the size of annual budget exceeds Rs 2 lakh crore. But how much of it is actually spent for the benefit of the layperson,” he asked.

He also said that the politicians were more keen on showing their money and muscle power than helping ordinary people.I too lived with the same mentality. I am now making an attempt to change ” he said.

Upendra is presently working on his upcoming film projects,and is gearing up to finish them at the earliest,for his full time political entry.

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