Watch : Spine Chilling Crime Thriller,Arun Vijay’s Crime 23 Trailer..

Arun Vijay's Crime 23 Trailer

Arun Vijay’s Crime 23 Trailer

Here is the mind blowing crime thiller on Red Collar Crimes,”Crime 23″ ,the dubbed version of 2017 Super Hit “Kutram 23”,with Arun Vijay in Lead Role.
The Movie is all about how an Assistant Commissioner of Police (Arun Vijay) investigates the murder of a Church Father and a woman’s disappearance,and finally gets his own family trapped in Red Collar Medical Mafia.

Directed by Arivazhagan the movie has Mahima Nambiar playing the lady lead,along with Abhinaya in an important role.Crime 23 is expected to hit the screens very soon.

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