Shock for Vijay’s Mersal : Tamilnadu Doctors Promote Piracy of Mersal as a Protest?

Mersal Tamilnadu Doctors Piracy

Mersal Tamilnadu Doctors Piracy

In a shocking decisionfew Tamilnadu Doctors has reportedly took decision to promote Vijay’s Mersal Movie Piracy Links Officially.The movie released on 18th as a Diwali Gift has landed in controversies.

As reported by Times of India,doctors Led by the state chapter of the Indian Medical Association had took piracy as a weapon to protest against their portrayal in the movie.

The Story has said that doctors have been sharing links of the movie on a pirated website through social media and urging fellow professionals and paramedical staff to boycott the film or not to ‘pay’ and watch it in theatres.

Quoting Indian Medical Association president Dr TN Ravishankar the story has reported saying that “”We decided not to approach the media or court for relief. We will only be giving more publicity for the movie. Instead, if we spread the movie links on webpages, it will hit their collections. I hope they will realise then.”

“We have received that ‘Mersal’ film has expressed opinion against medical community and doctors. It is unfortunate in our democratic set up to react and get a positive response. Hence we request you to boycott the film. Please make sure your relatives, friends, hospital employees boycott the film. This will go a long way in expressing our protest. Approaching the media and court will only result in publicity for the film which should not be done. (It is) an appeal from IMA Tamil Nadu to redeem our prestige and show our unity. Please see the movie on and do not pay to see it. Hitting on the collection only will make them realise.”

“In one of the scenes, Vijay says people go to private hospitals as government hospitals fail to offer good services. He also says we use this profession only to make money.”

Earlier the film has got huge criticism from BJP in Tamilnadu,due to it’s controversial dialogues on GST “Singapore which collects 7 per cent GST offers free healthcare but why isn’t our government that collects 28 per cent GST giving free healthcare? 12 per cent GST for medicine but liquor that ends the marriage of our mothers doesn’t come under GST,” the actor says in the movie.

Directed by Atlee, ‘Mersal’ is about Vetri and Maaran who fights against the medical mafia.With Rs 31 crore on opening day Mersal has slashed the record of Rajnikanth’s Kabali on Day 1.

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