Watch : Sri Reddy Fires on Rakul Preet Singh in an Abusive Selfie Video for Denying Casting Couch

Sri Reddy Warning Rakul Preet Singh

Sri Reddy Warning Rakul Preet Singh

Actress Sri Reddy who has been hitting the national headlines for her stripping protest last week,has hit back on Rakul Preet Singh for Denying Casting Couch.

Sri has released a Selfie Video Literally firing on Rakul Preet,calling her as Rakku Peeta (Crab) she has said that “Have You ever look at your face.Do You know what acting is? Just Look at Your Body,how will you be if you sport a Sari”

“Do You Really know acting? How about your Lip Sync.The Issue is related to our Telugu Actress,How dare you to interfere in the issue,by coming all the way from North India.Just Shut up and Mind Your Own Business ” fired Sri.

Earlier Speaking in a National Media Interview Rakul Preet Singh has denied the experiences of casting couch to her in Tollywood.A TOI Interview has quoted her saying “It (the debate) has been going on for a long time now, and I can talk only for myself. I can only talk about the experiences that I’ve had. People can play the blame-game, people can be doing anything, I am not vouching for anything. I am saying that so far, I have had a great experience and I believe that nobody is going to invest 100 crore on you or cast you in a film just because you are an easy girl.”

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