This Video of Upasana Kamineni Performing Dangerous Stunts Has a Great Reason..

Upasana Kamineni Dangerous Stunts

Upasana Kamineni Dangerous Stunts

Here is a Video of Mega Daughter Inlaw Upasana Kamineni Performing Dangerous Stunts for Devil’s Circuit.

The Video Uploaded by Upasana has shown that she has been doing all the dangerous stunts for getting rid of her biggest fears.
As she is feared of heights she choose to jump from heights,similarly she has chosen to jump in water,etc..

The Devils Circuit is India’s biggest obstacle running series,which has 35,000 participants and a very hard obstacle course set the platform for a vigorous work out.

22nd Edition of Devils Circuit has happened at Hyderabad on 7 th & 8 th October.

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